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Horizon Tech Falcon Break kit

Horizon Tech Falcon Break kit

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The Falcon Beak by HorizonTech is a brand new vape pen paired with the acclaimed Falcon Sub-Ohm Tank. Due to the simplicity and ergonomics of this this Vape Pen combo, it yields well as an amazing set-up for those looking into getting started. Aesthetically, the Falcon Beak with the Falcon equipped looks completely minimalistic yet visually striking, especially when the Falcon Sub-Ohm Tank is threaded onto the device. The Falcon Beak features a large 3000mAh integrated battery and a smart mechanical style output, removing the need to replacing the battery or the confusion of changing multiple settings. Due to the mechanical style output, the output voltage is dependant to the battery life, with 4.2V being the highest to 3.2V. Working this device is as simple as pressing a button multiple times, five clicks to turn on or off, and holding to fire. On the oversized firing button is an LED light indicator that allows users to know their battery life; White being 100% to 70%, Blue being 69% to 30%, and Red being 29% to 0%. Charging this devices only requires but a USB cable to be plugged in. An arrangement of safety protection is equipped with this device's proprietary chip such as, Low Power Protection, Over Heat Protection, Short Circuit Protection, and 10s Overtime Protection. 

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